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Our Story

At Cremation Society of South Carolina (SC) - Westville Funerals we pride ourselves on providing immediate and compassionate care to our families.  We're only a click or a phone call away…that’s all it takes to activate our cremation services at the time of need. We will transport your loved one into our care and immediately begin working to ensure all of your needs are met.

As a licensed funeral home, Cremation Society of SC-Westville Funerals completes all necessary paperwork, including notifying Social Security and Veterans Affairs for benefits, place obituary notices (additional charges from newspaper may apply) and certify the death certificate. After permits and approval have been secured, we will cremate the deceased in a professional, dignified manner, and then release the cremated remains according to your instructions.

How do we know the remains are that of our loved one?

Our 10-step identification, security and control system guarantees the integrity of the remains throughout the cremation process. We certify the remains are true because we do the cremation ourselves. We do not subcontract your loved one elsewhere for cremation.

Do we have to be embalmed before we can be cremated?

No. South Carolina Funeral Law does not require embalming, even for bodily burial. Embalming is only necessary in cases of public viewing of the body or transportation of the deceased remains by common carrier. The South Carolina Safe Cremation Act requires a 24-hour period after death occurs before cremation service. Most funeral homes have to embalm because they don’t offer refrigeration. The Cremation Society has a refrigeration system, which is included in our price.

Do we have to buy a casket to be cremated?

No. The cremation society does not require the use of a casket.

What about religious beliefs... is it okay to be cremated?

We have articles addressing Protestant beliefs and the Catholic Church’s position on cremation. Email us and we will send them both to you.

What if I already have a cemetery plot?

At most cemeteries you can bury cremated remains, and we are able to assist you with those arrangements.

How do I make prearrangement with the Cremation Society of South Carolina?

Begin by filling out the membership form and mail it to us. You may also register on-line. You will receive a membership certificate and a membership card. One call when you need us is all that is necessary. You can rest easy knowing that everything will be taken care of according to your wishes. You can trust the Cremation Society of South Carolina to always be here for you and your family.

Benefits of Joining the Cremation Society

Benefits of Joining the Cremation Society

By registering your wishes with the Cremation Society of South Carolina, you will receive a membership card that states your intention for cremation, and lists relevant 24-hour contact details for the cremation society.

Membership gives you a number of benefits: 

(1) Members can personally authorize cremation wishes. We show you how no one can revoke your authorization.

(2) An identification card to carry with you, which will alert authorities to call us in the event of your death.

(3) Members are provided transportation for the deceased back to our facility from anywhere in the state when death occurs. *Additional transport fees may apply outside the Upstate.